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Since 2009, Syntraff in collaboration with " Blå Vägen " has developed a project for the integration and community access for people with vision problems.

This includes support for these people to access the labor market.

Labour Councillor for free

In collaboration with various companies, we offer the service of job training for people with visual disabilities.

We offer a personal advisor who, based on your needs and the social demand for the labor force, will support you to achieve a better development of your abilities and so you can find work in an active and conscious way.

You can have access to an employment counselor for free:

  • If you are unemployed or at risk of being
  • If you are or are not registered with the employment office
  • If you are not up for any other employment program

We have helped young people with jobs

Synstraff for the Blind has experience in helping young people get new jobs. Our counselors work with different backgrounds that helps to have more chances in the labor market. Synstraff has extensive experience in helping young people enter the labor market and especially experienced in working with people between 20 and 30 years old. We help young people in labor regardless of experience they have.

We can help you

We have helped young people to get the ideal job and we can help you too. With us, you will go through the following steps to find your dream job.

  • The knowledge of yourself / your strengths
  • Knowledge of employment for youth and adults
  • Effective job search
  • Make a good interview!

It's easy!

  1. Register your interest in the contact form found by clicking "Contact" which is up in the navigation menu.
  2. If you are registered at the Employment Service, tell your contact that you want a job counselor from Synstraff for the visually impaired.
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