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""The International Federation of Blue Cross is an independent Christian political and religious consisting of about 40 organizations dedicated to prevention, treatment and after care of problems related to alcohol and other drugs.""

Spånga Blåband is an association of Blue Cross movement, founded in 1900 on the farm in Järvafältet Eggeby. The Blue Cross movement came to Sweden from the U.S. in 1880. The founder's name was Francis Murphy and the organization is called the Blue Cross internationaly.

Synstraff for visually impaired and disabled was established in September 2009 by the visually impaired members of the organization Spånga Blåband and Erik Lindberg as its president.

The organization Spånga Blåband is a multicultural and open society based in Stockholm, Sweden working for inclusion and community participation, as well as against drugs and xenophobia in society.

To Spånga Blåband all people are equally important. Each member is seen as an asset as a valuable resource of the organization.

Everyone is welcome regardless of origin, age, language, nationality or titles.
Everyone has something to contribute.
Together we work to ensure that young people do not start consuming alcohol and drugs.
Together we can create meeting places where people can have a place of relaxation in a pleasant and healthy environment.
Together we are working for an open society where everyone can participate.

For more information on the non-profit organization Spånga Blåband visit the website

Nonprofit organization Spånga Blåband
Contact person: Erik Lindberg