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Synstraff is a company within the nonprofit organization Blå vägen

Synstraff is an opportunity for the blind or people with any disability to participate in debates on our premises in Nacka and Satra or on the net.

Joint participation in matters of visual and physical disabilities that thousands of people do every day online with Synstraff is returned by Synstraff to the society and people with visual disabilities as: help in finding an employer, help to have rehabilitation, help to adapt the technical aids, communication and access to information, entertainment, etc.

Thanks to this collective effort, in Sweden people with vision and physical problems can enjoy a complete, integrated network to meet their personal development and social inclusion.

Therefore, the primary mission of Synstraff is defined as the facilitation and support through specialized aid, personal autonomy and full social integration of people with visual and physical disabilities.

Synstraff under the non-profit organization Spånga BlåBand participates in the international communication of visual and physical disability. Therefore Synstraff online network leads to global communication.

Our activity is at no-profit.

We meet every Monday at Fisksätra Folket Hus at 13.00 hours.

At Café Blå Vägen in Fisksätra Folket Hus there is a friendly atmosphere with freshly baked pastries and delicious oriental snacks.

Everyone can participate in our discussions, even if these are not people with visual or physical disabilities. The discussions are about:

  • equality and inclusion of visually impaired and disabled people in society
  • The activities of everyday life of people with disabilities
  • The orientation and movement of the visually impaired and people with disabilities

We also meet in Stockholm on "Frivilligcentral Sydväst" at Kungsätravägen 16 in Skärholmen.

We meet from Tuesday to Friday. 8:30 am. to 16:30 pm.

  • Tuesday: help and advice with computer and internet
  • Wednesday: using Braille
  • Thursday: talks about integration and rights of persons with disabilities in society
  • Friday: help and advice on various aids adaptation

Here we have lunch, socialize with sighted and have a good time.

*NOTE: Click here to download for free NVDA (Non Visual Desktop Access)

In the premises of Spånga
Spåga Blå Band Ideel Förening