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Synstraff is part of the organization Spånga Blåband and was created to help people with visual and physical disabilities. We help computer users with visual impairments. Synstraff activities began in 2009 in Fisksätra, Nacka.

We specialize in helping people with visual impairments and physical impediments can make use of the computers that we believe is an indispensable tool in the modern world for access to information.

Based on the needs, interests and circumstances of each individual person, our team assists in customization, testing and installation of computers and related equipment such as mobile phones, GPS solutions, camera magnification and much more.

Besides our experience and knowledge of the impact that can have a visual impairment, we also have extensive knowledge of the configuration and use of computers in general. We have specialists that will help you with tools for users with visual impairments. With respect to software installations, we also have knowledge of technology from other systems that need not be connected directly to a computer, such as cell phones, GPS navigation, audio book (DAISY) and camera magnification.

The most common Synstraff activity is to carry out the testing, adjusting and installers of equipment and software for visually impaired users, based on the experience and knowledge we have. Another activity that we perform quite often is to inform young people with visual disabilities, provide advice and counsel on opportunities in the labor market.

Our goal is to use the unique circumstances of each person's dreams and needs to propose the best solutions. You can always rely on Synstraff because we always suggest the best equipment for individividuales needs you may have. We do not sell equipments we suggest because we work on a voluntary basis and without any for-profit. We have extensive contact with many users of different devices on the Internet on our Facebook account, who share their daily experiences with us.

Synstraff is located in Nacka and Stockholm where we maintain direct personal contact with our users, but most of our activity takes place on the network through social media like Facebook.

How can we help?

It is not easy to keep up with the different systems of state regulation in order to get help and rehabilitation. Usually requires the users be aware that they need help and exactly what help is needed.

If you do not know where to turn for some particular need, feel free to contact us directly at Synstraff account on Facebook or in the form in the main menu of this page "Contact". We will help and advise you on what we can to get the right help to the situation where you are.